Happy New Year

It's been 26 days since I told myself I'm going to start blogging. Procrastination, you win again. On a positive note, it's still January.

Here goes nothing

I read about a new blogging platform last year on Kickstarter by John O'Nolan. The concept was catchy -

"An open source blogging platform which makes writing pleasurable and publishing simple."

Got my attention. Noise-free, distraction-free writing.

So I booted up a Droplet on DigitalOcean (if you signup using this link, I get a $10 credit). The hosting service is amazing; they demoed at New York Tech Meetup back in March of 2012 and I remembered the HTML5 console access was nifty.

Documentation on starting Ghost is fairly straightforward. I used part of this howto article.

Tip: add this line to your nginx.conf if you need to redirect any subdomains back to your specified domain.

rewrite ^(.*) http://example.com$1 permanent;
Ghost installed

Live preview makes sense. I can edit in real time, scroll up and down my post, and save and publish with just a few clicks. If you've never worked with markdown before, there will be a short learning curve.

Ghost screenshot

Did you know?

With 5,236 backers, the project successfully totaled £196,362 or $326,165 today. Success.

To the New Year

I expect there will be many drafts cluttered with my thoughts, ideas, code, and inspirational quotes. I just hope at least half of them will be published.


Alex Ho

Alex is the Lead Developer at NYCEDC working as a front-end/back-end developer and sysadmin. He has a Graphic Design certification from NYU and is a UX practitioner.